10 best free and paid screen recorders

10 best free and paid screen recorders
Image 01: 10 best free and paid screen recorders

Screen recorder is a video recording software from a display, it is often used by distance learning professionals to record instructions for work or their training videos. Screen recorders are popular because the lesson can be “watched and repeated”, the student does not need to understand complex instructions. For example, below you can watch a training video about Creating A Powerful Point Of Sale (POS) Application In Excel, which was created using a screen recorder.

Video 01: How to create a POS application in Excel

There are many programs for creating such videos. While recording software versions differ in price and functionality, most have similar options:

  • built-in video editor function;
  • adjustable video frame;
  • direct video posting to social networks.
  • unlimited recording time;

This article will be useful to those who have not yet screen recorders. We have collected 10 of the most convenient and easy-to-learn programs, described their advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss about the following apps:

Screen Recorders Summary Table

Free software
1. Free cam  no time limit
no watermarks
recording of off-screen sounds
save and load video in WMV
high quality resolution format
Download program  
2. DVDVideoSoft  recording a conversation in Skype
screenshot function
step by step instructions on the website
output formats: BMP, TGA, JPEG, PNG and GIF
available in 10 languages
Download program  
3. ShareXcreating shortcuts
full screen recording
import existing videos
support for URL exchange services
watermarks and color effects
Download program  
4. CamStudioconvert AVI to Flash
screen video creation
you can create short videos
custom cursor
different quality parameters for video output
Download program  
5. Ezvid  video output speed control
resolution in 1280 x 720p HD quality
stylish interface
fast upload to YouTube
selection of popular tracks
Download program  
Paid programs
6. Camtasia Studio  built-in webcam
adding a caption to a video
import video, music, photo
frame-by-frame editing
separate audio and video editing
Demo version
7. MadCap Flare  output formats: WebM, MP4 and Adobe PDF
creating videos with interactive content
multilingual technical support content
design templates
free updates for paid license
Demo version
8. FlashBack  built-in webcam
multi monitor recording
various scaling options
adding watermarks
Tech Assistant function for reporting PC defects
Demo version  
9. TinyTake  creating your own keyboard shortcuts
general file sharing friendly proxy
public URL for sharing video player
compatible with mobile devices
Demo version  
10. Screencast-O-Matic  Google Drive and Dropbox
publishing Vimeo Pro
an extensive range of tariffs for various user needs
taking screenshots
Demo version  
Table 01: Screen Recorder Summary

Free Screen Recorders

There are many free screen recorders that compete successfully with paid programs. But keep in mind that some programs may require a paid update after installing the free version of the software.

1. Free Cam

Free Cam is a very simple free screen recorder with built-in audio / video editor. The program interface is intuitive and attractive to the users. With Free Cam you can quickly record and edit screencasts. Although this software is free, there are no ads or watermarks.

Below is a video detailing how to install Free Cam and start screen recording:

Video 02: How to download and use Free Cam on Windows 10


  • no time limit
  • no watermarks or ads
  • high-precision resolution
  • the ability to record off-screen and computer sounds
  • you can easily remove unnecessary fragments in the video and background noise
  • large selection of sound effects
  • you can save the video in WMV format and upload it directly to YouTube


  • only one recording format – WMV
  • there is no possibility of recording from a webcam

2. Free Screen Video Recorder

Image 02: free screen video recorder

Free Screen Recorder from DVDVideoSoft company is a lightweight screen recorder that can record Skype meetings without restrictions. The app is useful for online Skype conferencing and interview recording. There is also a built-in graphics editor.


  • there is a screenshot function
  • the ability to record Skype conversations
  • there are detailed guides on the developer’s website
  • several different modes for screen recording
  • recording formats: BMP, TGA, JPEG, PNG and GIF
  • support for 10 languages


  • save recordings only in AVI
  • records sound only through the microphone
  • advertisements may appear during operation
  • no built-in media player and detailed interface
  • may install malicious software at the boot time
  • no notification in case of sudden disconnection

3. ShareX

ShareX screen recorder
Animation 01: ShareX screen recorder

ShareX is an open source software. Experienced users can make sure that this program is free of vulnerabilities and malicious codes, which is especially useful for corporate users. ShareX has a set of options that make it comparable to paid screen recorders, such as the ability to import music and video, and make full-screen recording. This program is primarily intended for advanced users and developers.


  • there are “hot” keys for quick and easy navigation
  • you can make a full screen recording
  • support for many URL exchange services
  • color effects and watermarks
  • the ability to import photos, videos and music


  • no webcam recording
  • it is difficult for non-professionals to use
  • no built-in video editor
  • when uploading large files, it gives an error

4. CamStudio

Image 03: CamStudio

CamStudio is a good option for non-professional use with minimal video editing needs. It is lightweight open source software. It can be used to create videos in AVI format, which can later be converted to SWF. Despite the compactness of the editor, it needs further development: the program is not available in all the main languages, malware or advertising may be loaded during the download.


  • the ability to convert AVI format to Flash
  • screen video recording
  • many tools to customize video recording
  • fixed length videos can be recorded


  • does not synchronize the sound sequence
  • can download malware and viruses
  • SWF files can slow down your computer
  • no technical support
  • no interactive elements and animations

5. Ezvid

According to the developers, Ezvid is the world’s easiest editor for recording screencasts. Its main difference is its high write speed, since the editor was originally designed to save users’ time. With Ezvid, you can create a video and upload it to YouTube in minutes. This is why this tool is often used by gamers and moviegoers who need to shoot and download video clips as quickly as possible.

This video shows how to use Ezvid recorder:

Video 02: How to use Ezvid


  • video output speed control
  • high quality resolution: 1280 x 720p HD
  • fast upload to YouTube channel
  • stylish interface
  • built-in collection of popular music


  • minor errors and inconsistencies
  • there is extraneous noise

With a large selection of free screen recorders, many users choose paid software. Paid programs are distinguished by the presence of additional functions:

  • wide range of audio and visual effects;
  • built-in webcam;
  • technical support of paid products is better than that of free software
  • the possibility of separate editing of video and audio recordings;

Such programs are suitable for commercial use due to the ability to configure file sharing and the availability of cloud storage.

6. Camtasia Studio

Image 04: Camtasia screen recorder

Camtasia Studio is a multifunctional tool for users interested in detailed work of materials. The program allows you to record audio and video one by one, subsequently combining the results. The license is priced at $ 299, however tech-savvy people will appreciate the customization and performance enhancements. A 30-day free trial is available.

The video tells in detail how to install Camtasia Studio v9 and get started, how to process an audio track and remove noise effects, how to add text and graphics:


  • the function of adding text or captions to the video is available
  • you can import existing videos, photos, music
  • various scaling options
  • audio and video can be edited separately
  • you can edit each frame separately
  • built-in webcam


  • periodic paid updates
  • the price of the editor is one of the highest
  • limited free trial
  • may slow down your computer

7. MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare screen recorder
Image 04: MadCap Flare screen recorder

MadCap Flare is a versatile multimedia tool ideal for creating interactive videos and simulations. Here you can work in three recording modes: manual, automatic or full frame (fixed frame rate). The cost of an annual license is $ 144, perpetual license – $ 428. There is also a free trial for 30 days.


  • saves your content design templates
  • you can create videos with interactive content
  • large selection of available visual and video effects
  • output formats: WebM, MP4 and Adobe PDF
  • free updates to the paid version of the product
  • multilingual technical support


  • occurrence of random errors
  • watermarks may appear on the output
  • limited free trial
  • complex interface

8. FlashBack

FlashBack recorder
Image 05: FlashBack Recorder

FlashBack by Blueberry Software is a full screen recording utility with a simple and user-friendly interface. The program is popular with university professors and students, which may be due to its reasonable cost. The developers offer 2 purchase options: a personal license for $ 49 or a business license for $ 99. Both licenses include a free 30-day trial period. It is also possible to download a completely free version without editing functions.


  • function to add distinctive and custom watermarks
  • the ability to record from multiple monitors at once
  • built-in webcam
  • Provides Tech Assistant for reporting PC defects
  • various zoom and panorama options


  • limited free trial
  • does not track the movement of used windows
  • allows to import files in FBR format only

9. TinyTake

Animation 02: TinyTake recorder

TinyTake by MangoApps is the ultimate screen recorder ideal for commercial presentations and employee training. This program contains a convenient sharing function that allows you to attach the output file to any messenger or send it to your office device. You also get access to MangoApps cloud storage. The free version of this app is available for personal use only.

The program is installed on the operating system Windows 7 and higher. In addition, both paid and free licenses they also have a built-in online gallery.


  • ability to create your own keyboard shortcuts
  • friendly proxy
  • video player compatible with mobile devices


  • this has a limit of 5 minutes for video recording
  • video recording is limited to 2 hours
  • video files are only saved in MP4 format
  • free trial not available
  • versions up to $ 99 are significantly limited in capabilities

10. Screencast-O-Matic

Image 06: Screencast-O-Matic screen recorder

Screencast-O-Matic has a relatively low price and a simplified free version, which allows the program to compete with free screen recorders. This is a cloud-based solution which allows you to upload data to GoogleDrive and Dropbox storage.

If the number of users is limited, then you can purchase a software license from $ 9 per month for 10 computers. The cost of a license for 1000 computers starts at $ 250. There may also be additional costs associated with Pro Hosting – these are additional resource management tools.

Video 02: How to download the free version of Screencast-O-Matic recorder


  • cloud storage for each user
  • taking screenshots
  • the ability to publish to Vimeo Pro, Google Drive and Dropbox
  • license options for different user groups


  • 15 minute upload limit on Screencast-O-Matic.com
  • ad-free hosting is only available when purchasing Pro Hosting
  • multiple insignificant costs combine to result in high cost
  • Java installation required


Free and paid tools from the best screen recorders can be very effective methods to get you working on Windows. The choice depends on the nature of your tasks.

  1. Well, if you are looking for a simple and reliable recorder for the task at hand, choose Free Cam.
  2. An experienced user with technical skills can use ShareX.
  3. For professionals developing educational video projects, Camtasia is a great choice.

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