Best Mobile Applications for College Students

College is nearly back in session, and you want to be ready with the best mobile applications out there.

There is almost an app for everything nowadays, and this can make students’ lives easier, affordable, safer, and more fun. The presence of mobile apps means that the choices are almost endless, but what about the value? How an application works for one student may differ from how it benefits another student.

Whether you need help with revising, taking notes, or waking up on time, there are plenty of apps that can help you out. Here is a list of the best mobile apps for college students.


When do I need to write my homework? Do you often know the deadline of your homework or the time for your upcoming lecture? Thanks to Studious, this issue can be solved once and forever. All you need to do is enter the info about your time, class, professor, and location, and this excellent app will remind you about it in time.


CliffsNotes is a perfect app for students studying literature and those who write research papers on things they have read. The app will give you information about every character, theme, or plot and a summary of every book you read. An audio version is also available to help you listen to this information while at work or during a walk.


The most challenging phase of easy writing is creating citations, including APA and MLA format styles. If you are a student with such a challenge, EasyBib is the perfect app for you to download. All you need to do is feed a book’s title, and EasyBib will give you the appropriate citation. Then, you can copy this citation into your bibliography.


Math assignments and tests can be challenging. It is easy to get stuck while trying to find the correct answer. Try Mathway, a mobile app that will guide you step-by-step as you search for geometry, algebra, or any math solution. Enter your work into the application, and check whether your answer is similar to the one provided.


Scribd is the world’s most extensive library online. It allows college students to explore millions of different books and documents that are essential for their studies. Individuals from all over the globe share all those resources, and you can easily curate and arrange them according to their topics.

iTunes U

Are you a student who uses Apple devices? You are lucky because you can access iTunes U, which offers free access to various educational courses from all top colleges. If you have dreamed of studying at Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, or MIT, this is an opportunity to do it from the comfort of your house or dorm room.

Download this fantastic application and explore different assignment websites from the leading universities and colleges in the world.

Due to constant deadlines, overdue essays, and part-time jobs, most college students find it challenging to know everything and keep their eyes on the ball. Thanks to, which can help you deal with such an issue. is one of the best Really Simple Syndication (RSS) web feeds. It allows you to combine all news into a single feed. All you need to do is check the info you want to receive. You will get notifications every time something interesting happens.


It can be a little challenging to get enough sleep when you are in college. Due to late-night study sessions and early morning classes, it is hard to get the amount of sleep you want.

Make waking up easy and feel refreshed with SleepCycle. There are plenty of useful alarm applications that will ensure you get up in the morning, but SleepCycle takes it one step further with its smart sleep tracker and alarm.

The app will track your sleeping patterns and wake you when you are in the right sleep phase. It will make sure that you will always feel relaxed when you wake up, even when you fall short of sleep hours. The app also offers you premium features such as relaxation guides, a library of sleep stories, and tranquil sleep sounds.


Venmo is an ideal mobile app for college students. The free application helps you send money to and from friends, making sharing drinks, meals, or gas expenses easy. It can, in addition, allow you to request money from your parents back home. That is with only a few easy taps.

Create your own apps’ kit for college

Instead of allowing mobile applications to become a distraction, it is much better to use these intelligent apps for college as vital information and motivation sources.

Need more options for passing your exams on the go? Explore these incredible mobile apps for students. Try some of them depending on the purpose they serve and to help you better and make your college life easier.

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